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Sriracha me!

My newest discovery that I can’t get enough of. Sriracha.

Sriracha is a thai hot sauce. It’s a blend of sun-ripened cherry peppers, garlic, vinegar, salt, and sugar. The thing that I love about sriracha is that it is thick and still maintains a pepper flavor, unlike some hot sauces. Hot sauce, like Franks, is far too thin for me in some dishes. On eggs, perfect. But sometimes sriracha is just the kick that I need to any dish. A small bottle and a small dash goes a long way!

I agree with you, Jessica Hische.

Here is a list of amazing dishes that have sriracha in them for you to try yourself!

Asian Sticky Noodles with Pork at the Crepes of Wrath
Bamboo Steamed Chicken and Vegetables at Food Crumbs
Spicy Salmon Roll at Soup Belly
Three Onion Sriracha Beef Quesadillas at Forever Gluten Free
Sriracha Black Bean Soup at M.I.S.S. Make it Simple, Sister!

Also, hop on over to The Sriracha Cookbook blog. Or you can buy the book see what they’re cooking up!



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