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Crossing it off the list: Bake Macaroons

When I started Whirlwind Way I made a list of 23 things that I wanted to accomplish while I was 23. One of the items on the list was to bake macaroons. For something like this, I turn to my sister Rachel. She has a Flickr of all the sweet tasty treats she has made. I’d like to think that her and my mother are the bakers in the family, and my dad and myself are the cooks. The measuring is what cuts the deal for me, I never measure when I cook, and in baking it is crucial.

Yesterday Rachel and I set out to make macaroons. We found the recipe on Martha Stewart and followed it to the T. On the inside we used a buttercream that Rachel had made a few days earlier. While our macaroons looked pretty, they were more like whoopie pies. Not the way that I’ve ┬áheard they are supposed to be, which is more airy and light. Now, Rachel and I have never had a real French Macaroon before, so we didn’t have anything to compare ours to, but we knew that they weren’t correct. From there we set out to find a bakery in her area with macaroons. Four shops later, no luck! Next time we will have to go earlier in the day. I have a feeling we will be working at this task for a while. Project bake macaroons is halfway done!

Now these macaroons are also nowhere being gluten free, and my belly knew it. But for the purpose of my list, and my sweet tooth kicking in, I had to try one!



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