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Holiday for the honeys Day 6

For the horticulturist in every one. Terrariums look gorgeous in your house, and they are simple to take care of! Martha Stewart gives you amazing tips and a how to video on how to make a terrarium for your honey! Why buy those terrarium box sets when you can put time and love in to your own.


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Holidays for the Honeys Day 2

Everyone of us have a little bit of geek inside of them. Whether you like Star Wars, World of Warcraft, comic books, or just have a little bit of computer nerd inside of you. I discovered ThinkGeek years ago. This was probably around the time that I was working as the Lab Tech in our Design Department. Oh yes, I was a huge nerd, and I still am. For that geeky honey of yours, check out ThinkGeek. They have everything from graphic novels, to twelve sided dice, to old school gaming systems.

Some of my favorites

USB Drum Kit

Humunga Stache!

Zombie Head Cookie Jar

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