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Bows bows bows!

While I don’t celebrate Christmas, I do love giving people gifts on the holidays. This year was a bit hectic, so I didn’t get to wrap my presents exactly how I wanted to. However, I did get a link from a friend to these homemade bows that you can make out of any random paper you have lying around.


Once you get the hang of it they were so easy to make! I wish I had double sided tape instead of glue, because they would have held much better, but I think they look great!

I hope that everyone has a safe a happy holiday! Enjoy time with your friends and family, and eat lots of good food!


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Etsy Holiday Finds

1. Floating Star Beeswax Candles 2. Christmas Macaroons
3. Green Berry Wreath 4. Seasons Greetings Deer
5. Wooden Snowflake Ornaments 6. Dove Letterpress Tags

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Holidays for the Honeys Day 8!

It came and went so quickly! Hanukkah is coming to an end, and so is Holidays for the Honeys. I hope that you all enjoyed my random findings and suggestions and that you were able to put some of them to good use! Tell me, did anything I show you help you out?

This last Holiday for the Honeys is for the kitchen and cooking lover like myself. FRED&Friends is such a fun site to look at. It has items for kids, the kitchen, the pets, the house, it has everything you could never think you needed but that you just had to have. Most of their items you can find on Amazon Below are just a few of my favorites.

Ms Food Face Plate


Wine Line Reviews

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Holidays for the honeys Day 7

We’re getting close to the end of Hanukkah! How is everyone feeling about the holidays this year? I hope you are all stuffing your faces with cookies and sweets and ham! That is where my holiday present 7 comes in. Baked goods! Toffee! Make someone you love something sweeter then them (if that’s possible, right?)

Some of my favorite recipes come from Sydney over at The Crepes of Wrath. Not only are her baked goods amazing, but she can cook a mean piece of meat. I have used many of her recipes (converting them to gluten free) and have been more then satisfied! They are always very simple for any novice in baking to understand. Package them in a tin or a white box, tie them up with a red bow, and you have gifts to go around!

Oreo Fudge Bars

M&M Cookies

How good do those look?! Those are just a few of my favorites. Sydney even shoes you how to mail cookies! Perfection!

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Holiday for the honeys Day 6

For the horticulturist in every one. Terrariums look gorgeous in your house, and they are simple to take care of! Martha Stewart gives you amazing tips and a how to video on how to make a terrarium for your honey! Why buy those terrarium box sets when you can put time and love in to your own.

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Holiday for the Honeys Day 5

There is nothing better then being able to fill up your empty wall space with a unique piece of art. These prints from Brainstorm are fun, colorful, and will brighten up any room in your honeys house. Frame them and write a little note on the back for your honey to remember when and why you gave them such a special gift.

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Holidays for the Honeys Days 3 and 4

I apologize for missing Day 3 of holiday for the honeys! I was enjoying some holiday time myself in New York City with my mom and sister.

Day 3 for your honey

Simple! Airfare! Vacation!
I recently signed up for New Flashes and deals on Travelzoo, and they have some serious deals. A vacation can be one of the best presents anyone can recieve.

Day 4 for your honey

For the design/art honeys like me. An AIGA membership. An AIGA membership is crucial for designers in training and even designers who have been in their line of work for years. The membership gets them access to meetings, opening design jobs, and new information.

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