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Lion’s Memorial Pool

I just wrapped up some cover art for a good friends Connecticut based band. Lion’s Memorial Pool defines themselves as “an acid-country speed metal collaborative with dashes of Final Fantasy fight music”, and I think that about sums it up! You can listen to their cosmic folk undertone on soundcloud, and if you live in Connecticut or New York you can come out and see them May 20th at Plan B in Simsbury or on May 21st at the Brooklyn Infringement Festival. So come out and see them, buy their CD, buy them shots, give them your number!


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Freya’s Hair

Remember back in November I mentioned working with an amazing Illustrator, Jacqueline Pytyck, on a tattoo design? Remember me also mentioning that she would be sending the shirt we worked through together with to Threadless? Well, it got chosen! How amazing is that!  You can view, and purchase, Freya’s Hair on Threadless now. I just wanted to give a thank you to Jacqueline for all the work she did with me personally, on my tattoo, and on the tshirt. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to see more of her work.


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Interior Trying

Hi all! There has been a reason why I have been so absent, I swear! As of March 1st I will be moving! Yes! I will be staying in the town that I’m currently in, but I will be moving to a much nicer place. It’s a 1 bedroom with a large living room, a bedroom, walk in closet, and a gorgeous spiral staircase. I’m really excited to move and finally be able to afford living on my own. The other thing I am so excited about is that I finally get to have my cat back! For the past 8 months the place I’m currently at will not allow animals. Since most of you know me well enough, you know that I am obsessed with my cat. It’s about time I got that snuggle bug back.

The thing that I am most excited about is designing and decorating my new place. The walls, which were once a dull ivory, will be repainted a dove grey this weekend. And the floors, which have a maroon carpet, will be redone in the summer. For right now, I have to be able to design around this carpet color though. Maroon is a difficult color to work with as a base. It’s so uninviting unless mixed with the right colors. This is my first attempt at decorating from the ground up. Before I would just throw in whatever I had and buy whatever I liked. I like the idea of a strict color palette to work with. Essentially I’d like to work in these few basic colors with different textures and patterns. And this is my first attempt at interior designing.


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This infographic by Amanda Buck is lovely! Good ran a contest last summer asking people to create their best infographic about New Orleans. I have to say, this really makes me want to try and make Gumbo now… Hmm new project? I think so!

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Calendar Days

No, I’m not talking about the Rocket Summer album (however, it was a favorite of mine in 2005). I’m talking about how I keep track of the year. Every year, for about maybe ten years now, I’ve had the same calendar. Every year, without fail, my mom presents my sister and I with the same calendar. The Hello Kitty wall calendar. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love this calendar! But every year I forget to flip it over every month and when its actually May my calendar is on April.

This year I decided to get a calendar that never needed to be flipped and was still large enough for me to see the dates. I searched for all of December 2010 so that I could be ready for the new year, but it never happened. Then last week I stumbled upon this calendar by Crispin Finn. It is exactly what I was looking for. Large, colorful, well designed, screen printed, and personal.

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Type Tuesday 1.18.11

I have a confession to make; I am completely obsessed with wedding blogs. The colors, the invitations, the gowns, the handsome husbands and the breathtaking bride, the place settings, all of it. There, now that cat is out of the bag, and I can share my obsession with you.

These Save the Dates are a collaboration piece by Love Jenna and Swiss Cottage Designs are breathtaking. The calligraphy, the watercolors, the organic feel of it just makes me want to jump in to a pile of daisies. It is so spring-esque and lovely, far too perfect for an outdoor wedding.


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Type Tuesday 1.4.11

Chocolate Letters? Something that I can indulge in and visually love? This is just bananas.

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