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Interior Trying

Hi all! There has been a reason why I have been so absent, I swear! As of March 1st I will be moving! Yes! I will be staying in the town that I’m currently in, but I will be moving to a much nicer place. It’s a 1 bedroom with a large living room, a bedroom, walk in closet, and a gorgeous spiral staircase. I’m really excited to move and finally be able to afford living on my own. The other thing I am so excited about is that I finally get to have my cat back! For the past 8 months the place I’m currently at will not allow animals. Since most of you know me well enough, you know that I am obsessed with my cat. It’s about time I got that snuggle bug back.

The thing that I am most excited about is designing and decorating my new place. The walls, which were once a dull ivory, will be repainted a dove grey this weekend. And the floors, which have a maroon carpet, will be redone in the summer. For right now, I have to be able to design around this carpet color though. Maroon is a difficult color to work with as a base. It’s so uninviting unless mixed with the right colors. This is my first attempt at decorating from the ground up. Before I would just throw in whatever I had and buy whatever I liked. I like the idea of a strict color palette to work with. Essentially I’d like to work in these few basic colors with different textures and patterns. And this is my first attempt at interior designing.



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Pleasurable Palettes 1.7.11

It’s snowing today, so what better way to appreciate the cold through a gorgeous, subtle color palette.

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