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Forget Me Knot

1. Skirt from Karmaloop   2. Bow Earrings from Anthropologie   3. Pillow from Urban Outfitters
4. Bracelet from JCrew   5. Pendant from Etsy   6. Ring from Fred Flare   7. Loeffler Randall Sandals from Shop Bop



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Thank you, Tumblr.

It’s back to Tumblr I go! I’ve had a Tumblr for about a year now. I started it to save all the images on line that I couldn’t save on my computer. Since starting my new job eight months ago, I just stopped using it. Why?! Tumblr is one of the best things out there to save all of those lovely photos and share them with others. Why would I give up such a lovely gift from the internet? Thank you for tumblr, sweet sweet Internet. I will slowly be moving all of my saved filed in my “Inspiration” folder over to my new tumblr. Prepared to be bombed with photos of pugs, sweet treats, color palattes, interior design, and pretty girls.

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Holidays for the honeys

Hanukkah really sprang up this year, didn’t it?! While I have to admit that sometimes I can be a tiny bit of a grinch around the holidays there is nothing more then I love then giving gifts. I’ve always felt that giving really great gifts was one of my best qualities. Whether then are handmade, purchased, or found, I almost always hit the nail on the head.

So with this idea in my head, starting tonight I will post 8 great things you can purchase or make for your honeys. One gift item for each night of this holiday. If that honey is your mother, your sister, significant other, your pet, any honey you want to choose.

Honey #1

COATT Morse code necklace
The perfect, unique gift for that special lady in your life. From “love” to “mom” these necklaces are simple and timeless.

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How amazing are these?! Freehands are for the avid smart phone users who are no longer willing to sacrifice freezing phalanges for a text message.

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