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Which came first

The chicken or the egg? I don’t really know the answer to this, but I’d like to think it was the egg. Mainly because this is one of my favorite foods, after french fries of course. I can eat eggs for breakfast, for dinner, green, poached, scrambled, in any way at any time. My favorite, by far, is Eggs Benedict. Preferably with a mimosa, a side of hast browns, and at noon on a Sunday in the city with my best girl Rebecca. Can I have this every Sunday please?

If it is not for brunch, or even breakfast for that matter, this is my favorite way to prepare my eggs for dinner. I like to start with a bed of lettuce. The I fry up some onions and red peppers, or whatever vegetable I have on me with some basil and oregano. Then, fry up one egg, and throw it on top of the lettuce and sauteed veggies. This is a great gluten free and healthier alternative to having an egg over a piece of bread. Mopping up my yolk with lettuce may sound strange, but it is one of the best things ever. Trust me on this one!


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This is the whirlwind way

Things have been quite crazy these past few weeks. Work has picked up quite a bit, I have been going in to the city a lot more frequently to see my lovely friends there, celebrating a ton of birthdays, visiting family, trying to make appointments, just busy busy busy! On a night like tonight by the time I get off of work, run an errand or two, and work out, it is 9pm. Then I stop and think, what can I possibly make that won’t take much effort, much time, and is still delicious.

That’s when I go for my go to chicken sausages. I really love Trader Joe’s Mango Chicken Sausages. The mango bits are just the right amount and I can really pair these with anything and they won’t be overwhelming. I like to bake mine with onions, carrots, and a little bit or black pepper and rosemary (on everything lately).


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Everything Guacamole

The longer version of this headline would be, Everything but the Kitchen Sink Guacamole. I like to put every ingredient possible that you can put in to guac in to mine. Avocados to start (of course), red onions, tomatoes, fresh lime,  fresh lecmon, salt, and cilantro. I willingly admit that I ate this entire bowl in one sitting, on my own. No shame in loving my guacamole!


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Holy Moly Shepherd’s Pie

All Winter I wanted to take my first attempt at a Shepherds Pie. I never got around to it until now (yes, I know it is Spring now), and I am glad that I did! After work today I was rushing around like a mad woman getting my errands done. I would usually have gotten those done on the weekend but I was in New York visiting friends and celebrating birthdays and just having too much fun to think about my adult things. Today I got out of work at a decent time and I was able to do laundry, go grocery shopping, clean, work out, and make my huge Shepherd’s Pie. And I still have time to write this blog post and relax a bit! Oof! I love feeling productive on a Monday, it really makes me feel good about the week ahead.

With this being my first attempt at this dish, the only thing that I would have changed was I would have put some Worcestershire sauce in with either my potatoes or my ground turkey and vegetable mixture. It just lacked a bit of flavor that I think the Worcestershire sauce would have cured. In the end, this is true comfort food at it’s finest and this was exactly what I needed to make after a really tough week. What is your favorite comfort food?

Shepherd’s Pie
Prep time: 30 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes

2 russet potatoes
1 pound of ground turkey
1 white onion
1 bag of frozen peas and carrots (I used a mixture that also had green beans, corn, and lima beans in it. What ever your preference is, use it!)
1 1/2 cup of chicken stock
2 tbsp of butter
1/4 cup of light sour cream
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp of dried rosemary

Preheat the oven to 400º

While the oven is preheating prepare the pie! Start by cutting your potatoes and throwing them in to a pot of boiling water. Cook your potatoes until soft. Drain the water and mash your potatoes in a bowl with 1 tbsp of butter, your sour cream, dried rosemary, salt and pepper. Set aside.

Heat the remaining tbsp of butter in a large skillet. Put in onions until translucent. Add in your frozen veggies and cook until tender. Add in chicken stock and your ground turkey. Cook until your turkey meat is browned.

In a large 13″x9″ glass dish spoon in your turkey and vegetable mixture and then top with your mashed potatoes. Pop in the oven for 20 minutes and then enjoy!


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