Atlanta Bound!

Hi all, I will be taking a brief hiatus from the blog land. I will be traveling to Atlanta tomorrow to next Monday to visit my best friend, Angel. I have been wanting to take this trip for a long time since she has been down there for so long now, but it was never in my budget. So I am finally embarking on my journey. This will be my first time traveling alone! I’m a bit nervous, but again, excited to be taking a breather, seeing my best friend, and having a great time.

I’m also looking forward to eating. I’ll be in the south, so who wouldn’t be?! The only issue will be the fact that I am Gluten Free and Angel is a Vegetarian. I have a feeling I will have a upset stomach from time to time, but eating a fresh biscuit just might be worth it. Our fist stop on my first night there will be to the Woodfire Grill. I’m a huge Top Chef fan and an even bigger Kevin Gillespie lover.

The best part about this is when Angel called to make reservations she mentioned our dietary restrictions and they called her back a day later and asked if there were any other special instructions besides a gluten free plate and a no red meat plate. How great is that?! I have so many restaurant suggestions, but if you have any more for me, please let me know!

I will have so much to update with when I return next week!


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