Hand Made Trades

I have recently gotten in to doing trades for crafts! I really love this idea. It keeps me crafty outside of work, and I love getting hand made goods as well. There is nothing better then sitting at my desk at work and getting a package and knowing that something that someone put time and care in to is in there. And the same goes for the crafts that I send out.

I recently received this hat from Gilly at Time For Peppermint Tea. It is so perfect! I love the color, the softness of the yarn, and it actually stays on my head because she took the time to ask me for my head measurement. Check out her hats, socks, and other knitted goods on her blog!

In return I traded her a few handmade cards that you can see here

I really love making cards for people. There is nothing better then putting some love in to a card and having someone save it.

Thank you again Gilly for the trade! I have another trade set up that I’m working on right now that you will have to come back and see!

If anyone would like to make a trades for any crafts I am more then up to it if you are! You can contact me here or email.



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3 responses to “Hand Made Trades

  1. I love the hat so much! I have been wanting a hat just like that for awhile, but all the ones I find just don’t fit the way I want them to.

    I also love the idea of trading crafts. It’s brilliant. =)

    • You should contact Gilly! She has you measure your head so that the hat will fit perfectly. Mine stayed on literally all day yesterday.

      Do you make any crafts?

      • I make jewelry, which I’ve started selling on Etsy, and I’ve just started learning to knit, but I’m not that good at this point!

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