During my 4 years at Central Connecticut State University I was privileged to take part in Central Design. Central Design was a portfolio based program that allowed CCSU students who were in the Department of Design to take part in an in house Design studio. This program was run by the head of the design department, and participants were chosen by portfolio review. When I was selected my first semester of my Senior year as the Art Director I was completely overhelmed and excited. It was an amazing semester where I learned a lot about working with clients and other designers. It was also a semester where I built very good ties between some of these clients.

One of those clients being the CSUS system. The Connecticut State University System is built up of Eastern, Western, Southern, and Central State University to bring a tie together through the state school systems. In this tie I worked with Bernard Kavaler and my fellow designers to develop a 100 page booklet celebrating the 25 year anniversary of the CSU System. The book was put together and printed in a month. It was an amazing feat that we all took on together and I thank every person who was involved in this project. Bernard, Susan, Steve, Jenna, and others. The book was unveiled at the exact 25 year anniversary and every person who saw the booklet was proud of what and where the CSU came from.

Recently, I was contact by a columnist at CSUS about my position at TracyLocke. I attended a State school and am still working in the current state of Connecticut. The CSU System and the State capitol wanted to celebrate the Alumni who attended a state school and are still currently working in the state. The article has been written and is displayed on their website and I am grateful for being involved in it. My picture is also being displayed at the state capitol until March 15th highlighting this accomplishment.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date? What are you proud of and would like to share to the blogosphere?



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4 responses to “Accomplishments

  1. Marcee

    I am a proud Mommy!! Did you get the link I sent you ? We should take a field trip to the capitol!

  2. Congratulations!! That rules! 😀

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