Weekend brunch

On the weekdays, my breakfast is eaten at work over my desk, checking my morning emails and reading a bit of news before the day starts. Breakfast is usually yogurt and granola, downed with a large cup of coffee with two shots of espresso in it. To make my mornings easier I leave my large tub of yogurt in the refrigerator at work, and the granola at my desk. I never have to rush or worry that there will be a morning I won’t have to sit down and eat. As cliche as it is, breakfast is you most important meal of the day.

On the weekends however, breakfast time is usually skipped because let’s face it, I sleep in really late. Like today. Today I slept until noon and the minute I got up all I could think about was brunch. While I would usually love to go out for brunch, I still haven’t found a place in Milford that does it really well. I’m talking eggs benedict with a mimosa on the side. This morning I went a quick easy route to get my day started. A spanish omelet with two pieces of Udis bread and a small cup of vanilla soy milk. I only got the aftermath picture of my brunch because I just could not wait to dig in.


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