My beautiful and talented seester, Rachel, manages a Greenhouse 10 months out of the year. For the other 2 months, she relaxes (lucky!) and has recently found her new calling. Cupcakes!
She has started selling her cupcakes at the Greenhouse, and desperately needed a sticker to put on top of the boxes. If there’s anybody out there that knows my sisters taste, it’s me. So I took the liberty of designing two sticker looks for her. She was such a great, and easy, client to work with! The only limitation that she gave me was that she wanted to be able to print them from her home, where she only had 4″x6″ stickers to print on. Other then that, I let my imagination and my sweet tooth guide me.

The first look that I had for her was very vintage inspired. Think of old ice cream shops and neapolitan ice cream. When I started this project I knew that I wanted to stick to pink, white, and brown for her color scheme. This was my reco for her, but again, I know my sisters style and this had a bit too much of my influence in it.

The second look, which she picked, was so unbelievably cutesy. I adore it! I wanted you know right away that there are cupcakes in the boxes, not pastries or any other baked goods. With the cupcake flowing in to the type it all works together and I think that she made a good choice for her stickers.

Projects like these are always my favorite. I get to let loose, be girly and use pink, and really put myself in my clients place and figure out what they want. And you know how good of a sister I am, I didn’t even charge her! All I asked for were some gluten-free cupcakes. (Hi Rachel, your sister here. Just wanted to let you know that I am still waiting on those cupcakes. Love you!)

Check out her Flickr page here! So many yummy cupcakes to look at!


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  1. heard your message loud and clear sess lol! over and out

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