Eliana Rose

When my cousin Jami announced that she was pregnant with her first child, myself and every one that I talked to was so thrilled! Nine months  later, Eliana Rose was born on November 2nd (her exact due date) at 1:46 am.
As a present to bring to Jami for her gorgeous little girl, I wanted to make her something that she would love and appreciate. I spent just a few hours working on this piece and I am so happy with the outcome! Jami and Eliana love it as well!

(I apologize about the awful photography, my camera is very old and I plan on purchasing one as a nice Happy Hanukkah present to myself .)
Click to see the steps that I went through to make this personalized name frame.

1. I selected a typeface that I wanted to use for the base of the name and printed it out to the size that I knew my picture frame would be. I made mine 8″ x 10″ because I knew that I had that size of watercolor paper. The typeface that I chose was Bodoni.

2. Using my “big ideas” sheet of tracing paper (the biggest sheet ever! It has to be at least 2 feet long!) I started with the letters and then moved to where I wanted the placement of the flowers and the leaves. You can choose whatever flowers you want but I went with roses (for Eliana Rose, get it! Haha, I thought it was cute.)

3. When I had it all to my liking I went over it again with sharpie, just because this is how my process goes, you can certainly skip that part. To get the name transfered on to my water color paper exactly how I drew it on the tracing paper I used a technique that I learned through my four years of design school. I flipped over the tracing paper and went over the lines with a very heavy pencil line. After that, I flipped it back over and place it on top of my watercolor paper where I wanted to place it and scribbled over the sharpied side with the same pencil. This allows the lead on the back of the tracing paper to rub on to the watercolor paper.

4. Voila! Like so! You want to keep it light so that when you go over it with your paint, you shouldn’t have to go back and erase any pencil marks.

5. Paint away! I used water colors, but you can surely use oils, acrylics, or whatever medium you like to work with. My color palate reflects to Eliana’s nursery room colors. Mostly pink and brown with hints of purple, green, and yellows. Such a good palate to work with!

6. Frame that lovely painting! You worked hard on it and it should be hung on a wall. I went to Target and bought a nice frame for only $20! This project in total ended up costing me very little because I already had all of my paints and papers.


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