Crossing it off the list

23 things to do while I’m 23

1. Make a popup book
2. Bake macaroons
3. See a show on Broadway
4. Cook a full turkey
5. Learn how to snowboard
6. Throw a dinner party
7. Start a blog
8. Read the Sunday New York Times
9. Go to AIGA events
10. Apply to Graduate school
11. Make a quilt
12. Travel out of the country
13. Visit a brewery
14. Grow an herb garden
15. Create a personal business card
16. Organize my music collection
17. Have a picnic
18. Go camping
19. Wear my hair au natural for a week
20. Eat a real Philly Cheesesteak
21. Make homemade bread
22. Have a piece of work published
23. Learn how to sew



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2 responses to “Crossing it off the list

  1. Marcee

    You are more than welcome to cook the Thanksgiving turkey this year!

  2. I am so friggin excited you started a blog! I LOVE IT!! loves you sis 🙂

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